Saturday, April 19, 2008


Fakalofa lahi atu!

O’kai’s busy Celebrate Pasifika month began with the Pacific Circuit works by Fijians Craig Marlow, Lambert Ho and Letila Mitchell. It ended with the launch of Evotia Tamua’s fabulous photographic stories ‘Pacific Auckland’ and ‘Polynesian Festival’ which you can purchase from the gallery for $35 each or two for $60. They are selling fast so don’t miss out.

This month we welcome home some of Fatu Feu’u works ’05 -07 from a long and successful stay at the Tjibaou Cultural Centre in New Caledonia.

Untitled 2005, Fatu Feu’u

We also have interesting new works from our young Solomon based artists who recently visited Auckland as part of the Pasifika Festival. Riaz Haikiu Maninga, taught by Maori artist John Hovell whose work we also have, shows promise.

Chief from Eastern Solomon’s 2008
Riaz Maninga

Lastly, we welcome Niuean artist Mikoyan Vekula. Mikoyan’s work reflects traditional Niuean forms of hiapo in the detailed etching of his sculpture whilst the bright colour work of his paintings reflect the many cultural influences that contribute to the great Pacific culture of Aotearoa.

Motu Motu Matolu osi – Me, U and Us
Etching on Recycled Rimu, Omaru Stone Acrylic on Canvas

We have an exciting month ahead of us and we look forward to seeing you in the gallery soon.

From the staff at o’kai.

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