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Consultants-Strategic Planning for Arts and Cultural Facilities

Consultants - Strategic Planning for arts and cultural facilities
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Thursday, September 13, 2007
Auckland City Council
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New Zealand - Auckland

Auckland City Council will be undertaking a number of research and strategic planning projects over the next year or two, examining the potential development of local and regional arts and cultural facilities. We are interested in putting together a list of consultants who have skills in this type of work and would be interested in undertaking projects in Auckland city.Projects may vary from regional facilities that have a range of tourism/economic/educational outcomes and a more commercial business focus, to facilities with a local community focus and greater emphasis on exploration of local needs and expectations.

In all cases we are looking for skilled consultants to assist in researching needs and demands, assisting in developing strategic direction and leading the development of the business case and feasibility.The skills and experience we are seeking include:• consultation and research • working collaboratively with communities• in depth knowledge of the arts and cultural sectors • knowledge of governance and management models• visioning/strategic plan development experience• business case development and feasibility assessments• cultural facility planning.

If you are interested in and have the capacity to undertake such work for Auckland City Council please provide the following information :• details of your relevant skills and experience • details of similar projects you have undertaken• details of the resources available to undertake such work • your availability to undertake projects over the next 12 months This is open to Australian consultants who are able to work in Auckland.

Please send your information to:

The senior project planner – arts

Auckland City CouncilPrivate Bag 92516,Wellesley Street,Auckland 1036

Or email:
{Job #98844}

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